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CFT/SmartPros® Banking Catalog

CFT/SmartPros Banking Catalog offers an annual subscription featuring more than 70 self-paced online courses on pertinent banking topics including regulatory compliance; lending, management, sales and service, insurance and retirement account/planning courses. Selected complex regulatory courses are broken out into less than 60 minute job related modules. All courses feature instantly graded exams and you can track course enrollments and completions for this and external programs in your account.

A one year subscription to the Banking Catalog is $179 per person.
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CFT/SmartPros® HR Compliance Catalog

Successful companies realize that human resources and compliance training can have a dramatic, positive effect on the bottom line. No longer a “nice to have”, human resource compliance is a necessity for any business in today’s dynamic environment. Decrease the volume and the severity of legal liabilities by ensuring that your employees are fully informed of crucial regulations relating to their behavior on the job.  Courses in our Human Resources library, typically 45-60 minutes in length, educate all levels of bank employees on topics such as sexual harassment, workplace diversity, preventing workplace violence, stress management, communication skills, and more. These courses were developed by human resources and legal professionals to go beyond the theoretical and give learners real content about real-world situations that have real meaning to the people you train.

A one year subscription to the HR Compliance Catalog is $299 per person.
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