Schedule of CFT Courses and Events

Following is a schedule of CFT courses and and seminars designed for bank and credit union employees.  Webinar times are Eastern Time.  All other course and seminar times are local time.  You can sort the schedule of CFT courses a variety of ways by simply clicking on the Sort By section below and choose from Start Date,  Program Title (lists courses in alphabetical order), or Format. If you have questions or need any help, please contact us at or chat with us using the chat assistance below!


Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
AnyAny4CShare Global Project Management SimulationSelf-Paced Online$359.00More Info
AnyAnyA Guide to Business LoansSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyA Manager's Guide to Artificial IntelligenceSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyA Manager's Guide to BlockchainSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyA Manager's Guide to Cloud Computing and CybersecuritySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyA Manager's Guide to Information TechnologySelf-Paced Online$199.00More Info
AnyAnyA Manager's Guide to Superior Customer ServiceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyAn Overview of MarketingSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyAssessing Diversity and InclusionSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)Self-Paced Online$450.00More Info
AnyAnyBanking TodaySelf-Paced Online$200.00More Info
AnyAnyBecoming a Better LeaderSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBetter Proofreading and CopyeditingSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyBody Language for LeadersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBody Language for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBuilding an Inclusive OrganizationSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyBuilding HR for Growth BundleSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyBusiness Ethics in the 21st Century Self-Paced Online$249.00More Info
AnyAnyBuzzworthy BenefitsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Business Communications BundleSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Computer Skills for the Office BundleSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Cybersecurity BundleSelf-Paced Online$499.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in LeadershipSelf-Paced Online$199.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Leadership for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$499.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Managing Change and Resolving ConflictSelf-Paced Online$630.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE in Real-World Cloud Cybersecurity Scenarios BundleSelf-Paced Online$329.00More Info
AnyAnyCERTIFICATE, Today's Contemporary Manager Program BundleSelf-Paced Online$915.00More Info
AnyAnyCollaborating For Success BundleSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyCommunicating CollaborativelySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCommunicating with FlairSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCommunication and Network SecuritySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCommunication for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCompensation and BenefitsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyContent MarketingSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyCreativity & Innovation ToolkitSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCreativity in Teams and OrganizationsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCurrent Issues Facing Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyCybersecurity for Human Resources ProfessionalsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyData Analysis for Improving Organizational PerformanceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyData and Human Resource ManagementSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyDesign ThinkingSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyDigital Marketing StrategySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyDiversity and Inclusion in the WorkplaceSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyEffective Business WritingSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyEffective Emails, Memos, and LettersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEffective PresentationsSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyEffective Public SpeakingSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyEmotional Intelligence for ManagersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEmotional Intelligence for Project ManagersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEmployee RightsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEmployee SelectionSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEqual Employment OpportunitySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyEthical Decision MakingSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyEthics for Project ManagersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course aPHR™Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course CISSP® Self-Paced Online$549.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course PgMP®Self-Paced Online$599.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course PHR®Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyExam Prep Course SPHR®Self-Paced Online$349.00More Info
AnyAnyExcel Advanced SkillsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyExcel BasicsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyExcel Tips & TricksSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyFinancial AnalysisSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyFinancial Planning and ControlSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyFostering an Inclusive CultureSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyGoogle AnalyticsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyGoogle Drive BasicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyGrant Writing Skills SuiteSelf-Paced Online$259.00More Info
AnyAnyHandling Difficult Conversations in the WorkplaceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHandling Difficult Employee BehaviorSelf-Paced Online$199.00More Info
AnyAnyHandling Workplace ConflictSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyHiring and Retaining Diverse TalentSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyHiring, Managing, and Developing TalentSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHow Can I Help You? Customer Service Best PracticesSelf-Paced Online$49.00More Info
AnyAnyHow to CoachSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHow to Read a Financial StatementSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Building and Ethical OrganizationSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Capitalism, Inequality, and JusticeSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Common Ethical ChallengesSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Corporations and Corporate Social ResponsibilitySelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Defining Business EthicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Ethical Decision MakingSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Issues in the WorkplaceSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Leadership and Organizational EthicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Ethics Series: Theories of EthicsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Fundamentals for ManagersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Employee ClassificationSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Flexible Work ArrangementsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Pay EquitySelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Promoting Employee Well-BeingSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: Recruiting Multi-Generational EmployeesSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topic: The Future of WorkSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Hot Topics BundleSelf-Paced Online$259.00More Info
AnyAnyHR in Times of CrisisSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyHR Tools for Engaging Top PerformersSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyInnovation in Teams and OrganizationsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Business AnalysisSelf-Paced Online$599.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Critical ThinkingSelf-Paced Online$95.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to CybersecuritySelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Data AnalysisSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Emergency Management in the U.S.Self-Paced Online$199.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to FinanceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Grant WritingSelf-Paced Online$150.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to LeadershipSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to MalwareSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to ManagementSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to NegotiationsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyIntroduction to Nonprofit ManagementSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyIRA Overview (Self-Paced)Self-Paced Online$450.00More Info
AnyAnyLeaders and Work-Life BalanceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeadership and Management for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeadership in a Nonprofit OrganizationSelf-Paced Online$99.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading and Managing ChangeSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading from a DistanceSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading High-Performance TeamsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading TeamsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyLeading the Courtney Museum SimulationSelf-Paced Online$399.00More Info
AnyAnyLean Six Sigma BasicsSelf-Paced Online$799.00More Info
AnyAnyLegal Foundations in BankingSelf-Paced Online$100.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging In a Modern OrganizationSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging PeopleSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging Real World ProjectsSelf-Paced Online$249.00More Info
AnyAnyManaging Remote EmployeesSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyMarijuana and the WorkplaceSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info
AnyAnyMarketing AutomationSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyMicrosoft Project BasicsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyMicrosoft Word BasicsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyMobile MarketingSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyNegotiation for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyNegotiations: Making Business DealsSelf-Paced Online$89.00More Info
AnyAnyNegotiations: Resolving DisputesSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyNetwork Security ScenariosSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyNetworking and Mentorship for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyNetworking for SuccessSelf-Paced Online$49.00More Info
AnyAnyPerformance ManagementSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyPersonal CreativitySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyPersonal GrowthSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyPowerPoint for BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyPrinciples of Marketing for Nonprofit OrganizationsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyProject Management Team LeadershipSelf-Paced Online$359.00More Info
AnyAnyQuality Management BasicsSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyQuality ServiceSelf-Paced Online$100.00More Info
AnyAnyReal-World Cybersecurity Scenarios BundleSelf-Paced Online$399.00More Info
AnyAnySecurity Awareness TrainingSelf-Paced Online$15.00More Info
AnyAnySelling Like a ProSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnySix Sigma BasicsSelf-Paced Online$499.00More Info
AnyAnySocial Media for NonprofitsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnySocial Media MarketingSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnySpeak with ConfidenceSelf-Paced Online$20.00More Info
AnyAnyStatistics as a Managerial ToolSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyTalent Management and Career DevelopmentSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyThe Effective Manager's ToolboxSelf-Paced Online$299.00More Info
AnyAnyThreats and Vulnerabilities ScenariosSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyTime ManagementSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyTime Value of Money and RiskSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyTools of Data AnalysisSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyUnderstanding and Managing BudgetsSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyVirtual TeamworkSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyVisual PowerPointSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWork From Home: Health and Wellness at HomeSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWork From Home: Technology at HomeSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWork-Life Balance for Women in BusinessSelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWorking RemotelySelf-Paced Online$79.00More Info
AnyAnyWriting Better EmailsSelf-Paced Online$39.00More Info