Schedule of CFT Courses and Events

Following is a schedule of CFT courses and and seminars designed for bank and credit union employees.  Webinar times are Eastern Time.  All other course and seminar times are local time.  You can sort the schedule of CFT courses a variety of ways.


Start Date Start Time Program Title Format/Location Price
03/08/2102:30 PMAdvanced Collection Tools Vital in Today's EconomyLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/09/2102:30 PMAddressing Disabilities in the WorkplaceLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/09/2111:00 AMBusiness Development SkillsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/09/2111:00 AMOpening New Accounts Part III - Trust and Fiduciary Live Webinar $265.00More Info
03/10/2111:00 AMThird Party and Fourth Party ManagementLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/10/2102:30 PMConsumer Real Estate LoansLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/11/2111:00 AMLegal Liabilities When Check Fraud OccurLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/11/2102:30 PMDealing With Appraisals: Regulations and RequirementsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/12/2111:00 AMNew QM Standards Under the Truth in Lending ActLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/15/2102:30 PMResidential Construction LendingLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/16/2111:00 AMLoan Denials & Other Adverse Action NoticesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/16/2110:00 AM2021 Call Report Update Webinar OnDemand with Live StreamingLive Webinar $995.00More Info
03/16/2102:30 PMQuarterly Compliance Briefing: 4-Part Series (2021)Live Webinar $995.00More Info
03/17/2111:00 AMBasic Cash Flow AnalysisLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/17/2102:30 PMYou're the New Supervisor! Fasten Your Seat Belt!Live Webinar $265.00More Info
03/18/2111:00 AMControlling the Risks Power of Attorney DocumentsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/18/2102:30 PMACH Origination and Same Day EntriesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/19/2111:00 AMFiring: It's Not Easy, But It Can Be LegalLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/22/2102:30 PMWhat Goes Into a Valuable Impact Analysis?Live Webinar $265.00More Info
03/23/2111:00 AMCOVID Vaccines, Paid Leave, and AccommodationsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/23/2102:30 PMBSA - CIP and CDDLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/24/2102:30 PMRight of Recission Review and UpdateLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/25/2102:30 PM8 Steps to Improve Cross SellingLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/25/2111:00 AM2020/2021 IRA Reporting Requirements 101Live Webinar $265.00More Info
03/25/2102:30 PMTreasury Management: A Powerful Tool to Increase Deposits and Fee IncomeLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/29/2102:30 PMHigh Touch Coaching in a High-Tech WorldLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/30/2111:00 AMChecks-Endorsements, Fraud and Compliance IssuesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/31/2111:00 AMBasic Bankruptcy for BankersLive Webinar $265.00More Info
03/31/2102:30 PMCTRs and SARs Line by LineLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/06/2102:30 PMUnderstanding Commercial Real Estate Loan DocumentsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/07/2110:00 AMTRID A-Z Seminar OnDemand with Live StreamingLive Webinar $995.00More Info
04/07/2102:30 PMManaging a Successful Call CenterLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/09/2111:00 AMFFIEC Information Security Handbook ReviewLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/12/2102:30 PMKey Ratio Analysis Calculating Interpreting the Numbers Correctly!Live Webinar $265.00More Info
04/13/2111:00 AMSeven Habits of Effective Credit Administration in Commercial BanksLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/14/2102:30 PMExcel Explained: Pivot Tables 101Live Webinar $265.00More Info
04/16/2111:00 AMDress Codes and Work AppearanceLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/19/2102:30 PMCommercial & Business Lending Basics for Support PersonnelLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/20/2111:00 AMOverdraftsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/21/2102:30 PMTop 10 Most Frequent Flood IssuesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/22/2111:00 AMUnderstanding Revocable and Irrevocable Trust DocumentsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
04/28/2111:00 AMCommercial Loan Defaults and WorkoutsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/03/2102:30 PMImplementing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Regulation FLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/04/2111:00 AMFair LendingLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/06/2102:30 PMCoaching Tellers to ExcellenceLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/11/2102:30 PMWhat You Need to Know about Today's Ransomware AttacksLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/19/2102:30 PMIdentifying and Documenting CRA Community Development ActivitiesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/21/2111:00 AMBack to Basics: The CARD ActLive Webinar $265.00More Info
05/24/2102:30 PMBanker's top 10 for Sales SuccessLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/10/2111:00 AMThree Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM ProgramLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/29/2102:30 PMMasterful Time ManagementLive Webinar $265.00More Info