Bank Compliance Courses

Bank Compliance courses, seminars, and webinars are an integral part of CFT training.  Federal Compliance issues are covered in the Annual Federal Compliance School held in St. Louis, MO and Hartford, CT each year.  Every banker is aware that bank regulatory compliance is the hottest issue in banking today, and CFT’s compliance programs are your most effective means of learning about the state and federal compliance regulations facing your financial institution.  Below you will find CFT’s current schedule of courses, seminars and webinars covering today’s bank regulatory compliance requirements:

Start DateStart TimeProgram TitleFormat/LocationPrice
01/22/1911:00 AMTop 10 Most Freq Flood IssuesLive Webinar$265.00More Info
01/24/1902:30 PMESIGN and UETA for DepositsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
01/30/1902:30 PMAdvertising ComplianceLive Webinar$265.00More Info
01/31/1902:30 PMState of HMDA in 2018Live Webinar$265.00More Info
01/31/1911:00 AMSubpoenasLive Webinar$265.00More Info
02/04/19Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line$245.00More Info
02/05/1902:30 PMTRIDLive Webinar$265.00More Info
02/05/1911:00 AMFair Lending Do Your Lenders KnowLive Webinar$265.00More Info
02/07/1902:30 PMReg CC Proposed ChangesLive Webinar$265.00More Info
02/11/1902:30 PMCRE Appraisals Regulations and Review PrLive Webinar$265.00More Info
02/12/1902:30 PMCRA Nuts and BoltsLive Webinar$265.00More Info
03/04/19Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line$245.00More Info
03/06/19Director Education SeriesOn-Demand Subscription$1,395.00More Info
03/06/1911:00 AMCompliance Suite12 Month Subscription (UpTo 10 Users)$2,495.00More Info
04/01/19Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line$245.00More Info
05/06/19Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line$245.00More Info
06/03/19Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line$245.00More Info