Bank Compliance Courses

Bank Compliance courses, seminars, and webinars are an integral part of CFT training.  Federal Compliance issues are covered in the Annual Federal Compliance School held in St. Louis, MO and Hartford, CT each year.  Every banker is aware that bank regulatory compliance is the hottest issue in banking today, and CFT’s compliance programs are your most effective means of learning about the state and federal compliance regulations facing your financial institution.  Below you will find CFT’s current schedule of courses, seminars and webinars covering today’s bank regulatory compliance requirements:

Start Date Start Time Course Title Location CFT Credits
06/27/1711:00 AMHMDA Data Collection and Reporting ReqmtLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/28/1702:30 PMHandling Accounts Checks IRS Reporting aLive Webinar $265.00More Info
06/29/1702:30 PMAuditing Your BSA ProgramLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/03/17 Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line $215.00More Info
07/10/1702:30 PMLoan Structure Doc and ComplianceLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/11/1711:00 AMSubpoenasLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/11/1702:30 PMNew 2018 Res Loan ApplicationLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/12/1711:00 AMCompliance Training For Comml LendersLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/13/1711:00 AMSmall Creditor Revisions ATR and QM RqmtLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/14/1711:00 AMVital Check and Deposit IssuesLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/17/1702:30 PMOFAC Risk Assesments Policy ProceduresLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/18/1711:00 AMFlood Insurance for Cancelled CommunitieLive Webinar $265.00More Info
07/19/1711:00 AMIntro to Compliance Risk AssessmentsLive Webinar $265.00More Info
08/07/17 Bank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line $215.00More Info
10/05/1709:00 AMBank Secrecy Act SeminarMankato $285.00More Info